Wedding Styling and Design is a specialised area and we are the ONLY training organisation in New Zealand to offer a Diploma course in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design. We also offer Certificate courses in Wedding Planning, Event Planning and Event Design, as well as our featured course the Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design.


Founded in Australia in 2003 the Academy has created a suite of tools to help aspiring and novice wedding planners, event planners and event designers to launch their careers. Our early courses were paper based but since then technology has grown and developed and we’re now able to offer so much more by using a variety of mediums including audio, video and written notes. Our course material has also been updated a number of times to ensure you receive the most up to date content.

In 2009 we rewrote all our courses and put them into E learning format and developed a customised, comprehensive online study environment. We have always led the way in training for the wedding and event industry for over ten years and we believe strongly in being innovators and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and our students benefit from this. We actively seek out partnerships and relationships with recognised industry experts to ensure we are offering the most up to date information available using videos, podcasts, social media and interviews with other professionals.

As part of an international group, which includes the UK, Australia and the US, the Academy students benefit from being able to network and learn from students across all our campuses.

Formal Accreditation

The Academy has an Accreditation Program which is offered across all our campuses and recognised internationally and approved by an independent Advisory Board of wedding and event professionals from around the world:

  • Accredited Wedding Planner
  • Accredited Event Planner
  • Accredited Event Designer
  • Accredited Wedding Designer

Memberships include:

  • ISES (International Association of Distance Learning)The International Association for Distance Learning promotes excellence in open, distance and online learning worldwide, and provides a benchmark through which global consumers can gauge the quality of courses offered by their members.
  • NZAEP – (New Zealand Association of Event Professionals) The mission of the New Zealand Association of Event Professionals is to provide leadership for the industry through advocacy, education and accreditation.
  • DEANZ – (The New Zealand Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Learning). This membership is still in the process of being finalised. DEANZ is a national association committed to fostering growth, development, research and good practice in distance education, open learning and flexible delivery systems for education.