Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do.  The payment plans do attract an administrative surcharge, however they are an excellent way to spread the cost of your course if you need to. Click here for more details…

How are your courses offered?

All our courses are offered through our interactive E Learning Virtual Campus. This allows us to use tools such as online chat, podcasts, video tutorials to give the illusion of being in a classroom, but all from the comfort of your armchair. In a world where everyone is time poor this flexible method of delivery allows you to study in your own time at your own pace.

Do we have tutors and how do we contact them?

Yes each student has a tutor which is allocated to them upon enrolment. This tutor will work with you throughout your course and be there to help you every step of the way by keeping you motivated, answering your queries and giving you an insight into the world of weddings and events from a professional point of view. They can be contacted through our office number, through the virtual campus or via email.

Are the tutors from within the industry?

Yes. All our tutors have had a minimum of 3 years experience within the wedding and event industry and although the academy itself is dedicated to training and delivering educational courses many of the tutors still run their own wedding planning business so can give you a very real picture of how things work in this industry.

Is the course accredited?

Please see our Accreditation Page for more details.

How long does one of your courses take?

Our courses are self-paced.  This means that you can study them with the time you have available.  We find that this approach enables people with busy schedules to still commit to study.  Generally we find that someone who is working full-time and studying our Certificate course part-time will complete it within 12 weeks.  If you choose to study the Diploma course part-time it should take between 16-24 weeks and the Advanced Diploma 24 -36 weeks.  However these are just guidelines. All our courses must be completed within two years, apart from the Advanced Diploma which has a time frame of three years. Any student not completing within this time frame can apply for an extension which incurs a small fee of $150.

Do I have Due Dates for Assignments?

No.  We do not set due dates for assignments.  As per above the course is self-paced which means you set your own study schedule.  We understand that some months you may have more time than others and we accommodate that by letting you submit your assignments when you are ready.  We also want you to get the most that you can out of the course, rather than pressuring you to adhere to due dates.  What we do ask is that when you submit an assignment you wait to receive your grade and feedback before submitting the next. If you would like to set a study schedule and would like assistance with that your tutor can assist you.

What are the assignments like?

Most assignments take a real-life scenario and ask you to approach the assignment as if your tutor is your client and you are the Wedding/Event Planner/Designer.  We encourage you to show and develop your creativity in assignments and this is a part of the course that most students report as a highlight for them.  The assignments form a core part of your learning.

Do I need textbooks?

No.  All of your course material is provided.  What you will do is research and this is largely done via the Internet and through publications like Wedding Magazines and online E-zines and blogs.

Is there support for you as you work through the course?

Yes. In addition to your tutor our friendly Admin team and our Course consultants are available to you to help with an Administrative issues relating to your course and work experience opportunities.

I don’t want to study online. Can you send me my course materials?

The Academy has adopted a ‘green’ policy and we no longer offer our courses via printed notes. As well has helping the environment, this enables us to deliver a much more interactive experience and ensure our unit materials are always up to date. You are able to print notes from within the campus and we encourage you to keep these with your own notes, course work and tutor feedback so you always have it to refer back to you. You are able to download the videos from within the campus to watch offline.