If you are interested in Weddings I expect you have already discovered Pinterest.  If you haven’t, you are in for a treat, but a word of warning, don’t head over there for a ‘look-see’, unless you have some time. Also beware of Pinterest addiction!

Aside from being a great place to go for inspiration, Pinterest is also a fabulous tool for for promoting your business and encouraging a community of followers to become interested in what you do.  But it can also help you in the early stages of planning your business.

If you have started this process you may already know that it gets tough right after the point where you make the decision to start.  Then come the questions about who your target market is, what your business name will be, what your logo should look like, what colours should your website feature?  These are all questions about ‘brand’ and nailing down your brand; what your business represents and looks like, is not easy.

But this is where Pinterest can help.  Just as Brides head to Pinterest to find their wedding day style, you can use Pinterest to get a visual picture of your own style, ahead of making decisions about things like colours, logos and fonts.

I believe that for your business to be successful it needs to live in your  heart and soul.  Yes, you should feel passionate about it, but it should also reflect your style and values too.  If you have a strong sense of your own personal style, you may not need Pinterest, but if what your style is, is a bit murky, why not start a personal style board to start to develop an understanding of how you see yourself.

Understanding your own personal style will help you to build a strong brand, that truly represents you and the type of client you want to attract and we see this working all the time in the Wedding industry.  Take Rock N Roll Bride for example.  Kat, the founder and publisher of Rock N Roll Bride is a great representative of her brand, in fact I think the two ‘personalities’ are very intertwined and that is what makes her business so successful.  When she speaks from her blog platform about her subject, you know you can trust her. She is being authentic and that is what you should aim for with your brand too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have used Pinterest in this way please let us know how it worked for you.  Like to learn more about the business of weddings, visit our website to review our courses.