Recently some our UK students and graduates, along with other wedding professionals, gathered for an hour of ‘Twitter Chat’ and discussed the topic of Marketing Tips for Wedding Pros.  As always, when a group of like-minded people come together, there is a great exchange of ideas and the outcome of this particular ‘gathering’, is a list of 20 effective and simple to implement strategies for marketing your wedding business.

So let’s dive into the list of tips starting with Facebook;

  1. Facebook is a great way to show off photos of your work, share links to your blog posts and offer wedding and event planning tips and ideas.  The key to using this one effectively; show some personality.
  2. The wedding market is very visual so use Instagram to catch attention by sharing images of your work and what you are up to in your daily life (as it relates to your work).  The idea is to give them a glimpse behind your brand and if you are in the early stages of your business, remember even a trip to the flower market to gather flowers for an arrangement you are putting together for your home, could be an effective Instagram post.
  3. We all like a little bit of an incentive, so why not offer a gift for referrals. This works nicely with past clients.
  4. Brides (and Grooms) love reading blogs.  If you are considering investing in advertising, check out the rates being offered by your favourite blogs as a way of putting your brand in front of your prospective customers.  Keep your target market in mind when choosing the blogs you are going to advertise with.
  5. Make a feature of your best work by using it as the subject of a blog article.  This is a great way to show potential clients what they can expect from you.  Finish your post off with lots of great images (sourced from the Photographer and with their permission to use them).  Unless you are a great photographer, save your images for Instagram.
  6. Let your happy clients know how much it would mean to you if they shared your work with their friends and family on Facebook and ask them to tag your business in the post too.
  7. Wedding Blogs and even magazines appreciate good quality content from experts.  Consider what expertise you have to offer and approach publications about submitting a story.  Always check submission guidelines first.
  8. Network with other professionals. Fellow suppliers are often your best source of referrals but remember, networking is a two-way relationship and you need to actively promote others too.
  9. Take your networking online by simply creating a ‘wedding blogging group’ where you guest blog for each other and actively share each other’s content on social media.
  10. Develop a culture of looking after your past clients.  Sending them a note on their first wedding anniversary, or a small gift for a birthday, is a nice way of reminding them of what a thoughtful and caring professional you are and this may encourage them to remember you to friends and family.
  11. People often feel more comfortable working with you if they have had the chance to engage with you in some other way.  A way of doing this via social media would be to design a competition that involves them tagging you.  Pinterest could be good for this but make sure you follow their Guidelines for competitions.
  12. Put yourself out there by entering industry awards.  Being involved is something you can promote and blog about and you will have the chance to network with other professionals at these events too.  Plus, a night out at an industry event, will give you some great Instagram photos as well!
  13. Approach venues to see if they will add you to their preferred supplier list.  Make your approach count by approaching this in a very professional way.
  14. Use your blog to promote other wedding suppliers and make sure you link to the post on social media and tag them in it.  They may return the favour.  Attending Wedding Expos is a great way to make initial contact with suppliers (and this outing gives you images for Instagram too!).
  15. Use social media to promote sales.  These are most effective when you have a call to action like; 10% off when you book within 7 days of your initial enquiry.
  16. Share your expertise by writing an Ebook that visitors to your site can receive for free, when they subscribe to your Newsletter for example.
  17. Your email signature is valuable real estate.  Use it to keep people you are emailing up to date with things like current specials, or the status of your bookings for the year ahead.  For example; we have limited availability for 2015.  Contact us today to secure your date.
  18. Collaborate with other suppliers to host a competition where couples could win a free planning package and use your blogs and social media to promote it and everyone involved.
  19. Collaborate with a group of vendors on a Styled Shoot and submit it to a blog, or magazine for publication. This is a great way to get exposure and show your target market your style and creativity and by working with others you create a group of you that will all be promoting each other on social media; this is a great way of attracting new followers to your brand.
  20. Keep your testimonials up to date and use all your social media platforms to make sure they are seen by your target audience.