Like just about everyone who uses Social Media, I admit to having a bit of an Instagram addiction. I don’t let it take over my day, but it is generally where I start my day (when I am having coffee and pretending to watch the news with my husband).  I am also a little intimidated by it, as the photos I upload, don’t come close to looking like the ones I enjoy seeing in my feed.  I wouldn’t follow my feed even though I have had some good ‘subjects’ before me.

Not to be deterred, I have decided to spend a little less time passively looking at other people’s great images and a little more time trying to improve my own and I have started by doing some research into the tips and tricks others are using to make their images look great – as I know that not everyone I follow is a photographer and yet, their images still look better than mine.

If you have a wedding or event business, or even if you would just like to learn more about using Instagram for business, you might enjoy these 4 blogs posts with tips and tricks to help you take better Instagram photos.

1.  How to take the perfect Instagram Photo by the Glitter Guide and featuring tips from Abby Jiu (nominated one of the best wedding photographers in 2014 by Martha Stewart).

2.  How to edit your Instagram photos better (and 5 Apps you need) by World of Wanderlust

3.  Ten tips for mastering Instagram by The Digital Photography School

4. Five tips for creating beautiful Instagram photos by Vogue

Have you come across some tips and tricks of your own?  I would love you to share them with us here and if you do try any of these, please consider sharing your Instagram account with us here so we can check out your progress.