Instagram has fast become my favourite social media platform, from a personal perspective.  It is where I start most days.  I find the energy of it inspiring and positive and that is what I look for in any ‘social media engagement’ I have; something that uplifts me.

But I will be honest, using Instagram effectively in my business is something I am yet to master. I like that it is visual and it enables you to give your audience a glimpse into your style and personality, but I know I need some tips on how to use it effectively for marking my business and I hear this from other people I speak to in the wedding industry also.  But help is at hand in the form of this week’s episode of Academy TV presented by our CEO Kylie Carlson.

‘How to use Instagram as a Wedding Planner’ will not only explain to you why this form of social media is so good, it will guide you on how to use it effectively in your business.  So if you are ready to dive into the world of using Instagram for business like me, head over to Academy TV to watch the video.

We would love to hear your thoughts on using Instagram in your Wedding business too, so please leave your comments below and if you are interested in learning more about working in the wedding or special events industry, please contact me.