Hands up if you love Pinterest?  If you are looking at working in the wedding or event industry, this is probably an obvious question; we all love Pinterest.  But Pinterest isn’t just about gazing at pretty pictures, it is a really handy tool, especially when working with clients.  But, there is an art to curating a board that reflects a concept and communicates your vision and we want to give you the chance to develop your skills in this area, with a new monthly Pinterest challenge; #WedPin.

#WedPin is also an ideal opportunity for you to start promoting yourself, or you new business and to learn more about the power of social media and how much your ‘audience’ loves images.

So exactly what is #WedPin

#WedPin is a monthly challenge, open to everyone.  To participate you must curate a Pinterest board that reflects the theme we set each month.  The winning entry will be featured here on the blog and you may even have a link to your board shared on Facebook and Twitter.  Here is a breakdown of how you play, #WedPin

1.  Visit Pinterest  and if you don’t have an account, set up one.

2.  If this is your first time, block out a little time to look around and if you feel ready, start your first board around a theme you love.  You may like to follow our Pinterest  account whilst you are there.

3.  Now it’s time to think about the theme we have set.  Use Pinterest to do some research, but remember, you can Pin from all over the Internet, so don’t limit yourself to what you find on Pinterest.

4.  Start ‘pinning’ images to your board, making sure that you use the description field to describe your Pin.

5.  Regularly review your board to be sure that it represents the theme you are working with (it is ok to remove pins that aren’t telling the story).  The key word here is ‘curate’.  Think about the overall effect of the board, not just the individual Pins.

6.  When you are happy with your board,  email the link  to us with a sentence or two about the inspiration behind your board.

It is important that you use the hashtags, #WedPin & #NZAWEP in your board’s description.  Add the word wedding or event too, so anyone looking for inspiration will find your board.  You can however keep your board ‘secret’ until the closing date (this is a setting you can select in Pinterest – just remember to make your board public before you share the link with us).  It is also important you have fun with this.  We will run a new challenge each month and the aim is that your skills and your eye for design will improve over time, so just enjoy the process and this chance to challenge yourself in a creative way.

Your first #WedPin challenge is ‘Woodland’.  Entries close on Friday 24, July and the winner will be announced on Facebook on Monday 27, July.  Happy Pinning!