Student of the Month – Priya Gupta  March 2015

We are very excited to be introducing you to our student of the month, Priya Gupta.

Priya Gupta


NZAWEP:  Priya, thank you for agreeing to participate in our student of the month feature. Can you tell us what course you chose and why?

Priya: I am studying the Certificate in Wedding Planning. The reason for choosing this course was because I love weddings and the whole process of pulling everything together has been nerve racking but worth it.

NZAWEP:  What has been the most rewarding part of your study so far Priya?

Priya:  Getting the assignments completed as part of an online course and thinking about how you are going to do it. Setting your mind to it and completing it has been so rewarding.

NZAWEP:  What about the challenge of studying online?  How are you managing this and do you have any tips for others who may be nervous about an online course?

Priya: Studying online is quite challenging as it is quite different to actually going to a class room full of students and a teacher, but I’m managing it alright. Getting things done on my own time with no rush is a benefit. Don’t let yourself get distracted once getting started with the assignment just concentrate and enjoy it. That would be my top tip for studying online.


NZAWEP: Priya, the board below was designed by you for a course assignment. Can you tell us a little about creating the board; did you enjoy the creative process, if you can see how powerful these would be for communicating ideas to clients?

Priya: Creating the mood board was fun as it was like playing with a puzzle and finding the right piece that completes the set. Mood boards are a  powerful tool to communicate with clients as it is like setting the day in their head.

Diamond Are A Girls Best Friend

NZAWEP: Priya what plans do you have for beyond the course and how is the course preparing you for taking the next step?

Priya: Beyond this course would be to try and work with an event planning company. The course is preparing me for the next step through time management and knowing the ropes for planning an event.

NZAWEP: If you were an event, what would you be?

Priya: If I were an event, gosh, there would be quite a few but top of my head would be a wedding.