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Cassandra Temple

When I first enrolled with the Australian and New Zealand academy I didn’t know what to expect or if I could even accomplish what I set out to achieve. The help from my courses and tutor gave me clear understanding and a sense of direction about where I wanted to go and what I wanted… Read more »

Coral Deverick

It has 100% helped me be prepared for future employment. I feel I have the necessary knowledge to apply to a real life job and career. The advice I would give any student of the academy is; Yes it is hard but it is worth it! When you are feeling demotivated, just attempt to commit… Read more »

Kim Houston

My goal when I enrolled with the Academy was to start up my own wedding planning business, which I have (very thankfully) done successfully. I slowly but surely started up my company ‘Take A Vow Weddings & Events’ whilst I was studying the diploma. I organised my first wedding for a close friend, a styled… Read more »

Sophie Carrington

I found the online study-from-home system of the Academy very useful and easy to use. I was able to complete units, unit projects and assignments on my own time and with no time limit (except for the timeframe of completing the overall course). This meant that I was able to study as and when it… Read more »